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Friday, March 14, 2014

My First Ever Edcamp Experience -- LOVED IT!

Last Saturday, I signed up to go to the Southwest EdCampIowa.  I will be honest, by Friday afternoon, I wasn't excited about going.  I was tired after a long week, and it was scheduled on a Saturday.  Most of all, Iowa State Cyclones men's basketball team was scheduled to play at 1:00PM against Oklahoma State.  I love my #Cyclones. PS- Cyclones won in overtime 85-81.

I was running late Saturday morning, like always. Ginger, Nita, and Julia were very understanding. Thank you!!  We got there 5 minutes early....plenty of time. =-)

As being my FIRST EVER Edcamp, I really didn't know the details on how EdCamps worked.  Of course, I have heard of Edcamps before, and I had a general idea. As my FIRST EVER Edcamp, COUNT ME IN NEXT YEAR!!!  I absolutely loved it. 

I am a strong believer in #communication and #collobration. WOW!!! Great things happened in the sessions I attended.

I attended the sessions below:

Genius Hour
Tech Tools - What Are Your Favorite
1:1 - Measuring Success
Technology Tools for Formative Assessment

The sessions listed above relates to technology, but there were many different alternatives to choose from on Saturday. Here were some of the other sessions offered that day: Competency-Based Education, What Would School Look Like If We Could Redesign It?, Response to Intervention, Things That Suck in Education, Iowa Core Implementation, and much more.

A special thanks to Red Oak and Green Hills!

Deanna Etherington

In the link below you will find resources from Southwest Iowa EdCamp.
Southwest Iowa EdCamp -- Red Oak, March 8, 2014

Resources from all EdCamps in Iowa.


By: Jessica Fincel
Twitter: @jfincel32

PS--Cheer on the Cyclones Tonight!!!