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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reach Out to Parents Challenge

As you are working P/T Conferences, please take a little time to reflect on how important it is to engage in effective communication with parents.   There are many technology tools that are at your fingertips to help facilitate communication with parents.

We have a challenge for you...and it comes with REWARDS!

We are calling this the “Reach Out to Parents Challenge” (clever right?)

What is the Reach Out to Parents Challenge?

  • The challenge will start on Monday, February 22nd and go until Thursday, March 17th.
  • The goal is to use any and/or all types of technology tools to communicate more effectively with parents.  
  • Educators, please keep track of ALL of your communication on this FORM (short and sweet -- 3 question form). Automated emails from sources such as Shutterfly still count, just make sure you log it.
  • For every form you fill out, your name will be placed in the drawing for a chance to win.  
  • So….the more form submissions you have the better chance you have of winning the prizes!

Possible prizes will include Chamber Bucks, Subway Card, and much more. There has been many donors that have contributed to this cause! It will be worth your time in so many ways!

Below are some great resources for you.  

    1. ****PLEASE**** Watch this tutorial over the 2 best ways to communicate through JMC.
    2. Parent Portal Handouts for each building -- Alert Configuration
    3. How to Send Email from JMC -- Written Instructions
  2. Remind (formerly known as Remind 101)
    1. Watch this video (53 secs) to see a demo of what Remind is
    1. Watch this video (1 min 38 secs ) to see a demo of Class Dojo

Looking for ideas on what parents may want to know, here are some things to consider (The first 2 are REALLY IMPORTANT):

  • Send an individual email to a parent and/or student - do this everyday or even just once a week until the end of year.  Personalize that individual email and fill it with POSITIVES.  Can you imagine the impact that would make in the last 70 days of school?  When was the last time you received a positive email individually and how did it make feel?
  • Reminder of upcoming chapter tests and big assignments (this is a BIG one, parents do WANT to know)
  • What’s going on in your classroom (Do you have a classroom Newsletter?)
  • Informing parents that you use Google Classroom and share this resource with them.
  • Do you have or use a Google Classroom Calendar? (Click HERE to learn how to add your Google Classroom Calendar to your Google Site).
  • Remind parents where you post your assignments
  • Share your website again…(they might need a reminder that you have one).
  • Upcoming field trip expectations
  • Parent Portal information and remind them to sign up for Alert Configuration through JMC
  • Reminders of items students need to bring (ex. show and tell items, hats and gloves if the weather changes yet again, treats/munchies, etc.)
  • Reminders of upcoming or current Reading Challenges
  • Iowa Assessment Schedule and test preparation

By: Jessica Fincel