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Friday, January 22, 2016

ABC Mouse..... Free for Educators

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.49.19 AM.pngI always go back to my favorite saying, “the best resource is each of you.” There are two special (JK) teachers (not to name names) that challenged me to learn more about an opportunity for educators. They directed me to find out more about ABC mouse. It is designed for lower elementary students (ages 2-7). 
ABC Mouse is a full online curriculum resource. -- And did I forget to mention?  IT IS FREE!! You will find the following document in your Wash Tech Training Folder; however, the detailed instructions and tutorials are listed below.

You will have to sign up individually on the link below.


(Special Note: These Youtube videos permissions are set only for inside the ACSD District).
How do I register and add students?

How do you Create a Class and Add Students to my Class?

How do I use ABC Mouse on the Computer Labs?
Complete a tech Request and Accept Invite  **MUST WATCH** (2 Min 12 sec)

How do I have my students use ABC Mouse at home?
How Students Set up use at Home  **MUST WATCH** (1 Min Sec 56)

How do I set up my IOS Device and My Computers in my Classroom?

What are some tips and Tricks?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flippity Floppity Boo --- I mean

As we are now in the heart of 3rd Quarter, there are many reviews and assessments taking place or about to take place.  You might be wanting a new type of exit ticket or a creative way to formatively assess your students. I might have just the thing you need...keep reading!   
Flippity...I love it!!  Easy to use, it’s free, and it works with Google Docs...
There are many Schuler teachers (but it’s great for all levels) that use this program... ask them what they think.  Get a jump start and use it for your 3rd and 4th Quarter Study guides in your Google Drive.  The best part about this website is they keep adding more tools: Quiz Certificate, Badge Tracker, Progress Indicator, Random Picker, Quiz Show (like Jeopardy).  

Flippity Flashcards.png

Here’s a few more of my favorites!

GoFormative - GoFormative runs on any internet connected device and is optimized for any 1:1, flipped, or blended classroom.  This is a great replacement of the website Infused Learning. (November 2015 Blog) - Great Find Katie =-)

A great website to create a quiz, survey, or discussion. It’s a game-based classroom response system. (March 2015 Blog)

There are many tools posted on the #acsdtech Website. Click HERE to go directly to the Formative Assessment Webpage.   
Special Announcements...
  • Great Job Washington and Schuler on the Sumdog Snowflake Math Showdown Challenge. 
  • Thank you to the following for taking the time to saving the #acsdtech website from the Grinch. Thank you.... (December 2015 Blog) They received a small token of my appreciation....... Matt A., Ginger B., Brielle C.,  MaryBeth  F.,  Jennifer G., June H ., Tonna H., Terry H., Meryl H., Paulette H., Paul I., Cathy K., Cathy L., Jessica L., Amber M., Jennifer R., Amy R., Taylor W., & Tony W.

Below is the ANSWER to what is #ACSDTECH.... 



By: Jessica Fincel