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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is After the "+" in Gmail? Need an Undo Send? What is Google Drive's Activity Stream?

What is after the "+" Sign in the Compose Email Screen

Formatting Options
Formatting, Fonts, and Colors - Gmail Help

Add Attachments
Add Attachments -- Gmail Help

Inserting Files Using Google Drive
Inserting Files Using Google Drive -- Gmail Help
Sharing Settings -- Gmail Help

Inserting Links

Inserting Emoticons
Inserting Emoticons - Gmail Help

Inserting Invitations
Inserting Invitations - Gmail/Calendar Help

Undo Send

Have you ever had .... "OH NO, Opps, or much worse"..........moment!
Gmail has a Lab named Undo Send.

1.) Log into Gmail
2.) Click on the Gear
3.) Click on Settings

4.) Click on Labs

5.) Find the Lab "Undo Send" and Click the Enable Radio Button

6.) Scroll to the button and Click Save Changes

7. ) Once Click Send button the following message will appear on the top of your Gmail

Misc. Notes

Recommended Gmail and Calendar Labs

Send cancellation period defaults to 10 seconds, but can change the duration in the General Settings.

Google Drive New Activity Stream

What is Google Drive's Activity Stream?

1.) Go to Google Drive
2.) Click the "I", and the new activity stream will appear on the left hand side.

By: Jessica Fincel @jfincel32

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