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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Time, Time, Time.....and Need More Time

Below are some TIME SAVING tips and tricks.  These tips and tricks will save you time.  In today’s society, having time to do the things you want or need to do is hard to come by.  

Time Saver 1
Q1: Do you need or want to convert a pdf to an editable document and don't have TIME to type it?
A1: Yes! Google Docs can convert a pdf to an editable document.
Ask DeeAnn if this saved her tons of time.

Time Saver 2
Q2: Do you want to manage TIME in the classroom more efficiently? Do you want to students stay on task?
A2: Yes and Yes! Using Google Classroom and the Google Classroom Extension will do just that!

Check Out Alice Keeler’s Blog Post on Google Classroom Share Extension.

If you are using Google Classroom.... you WANT and NEED to USE this.

Note: The tech office has “Pushed Out” the Google Classroom Share Extension for EVERYONE!  You will need to have your students logging into their chrome vs gmail. See Time Saver 5 for details.

Time Saver 3
Q3: Do you need TIME to write a paper and don't have the typing skills to get it done fast?
A3: Yes! Google Doc has a new feature called Voice Typing. (Speech to Text)

Time Saver 4
Q4: Do you have a document, spreadsheet, and/or presentation due and don't have the TIME to start from scratch?
A4: Yes! Check out Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and their New Templates they have to offer.

Time Saver 5
Q5: Do you wish you can save TIME logging students into their Google Apps Account?
A5: Yes! Having your students log into Chrome instead of Gmail does just that. It keeps them organized and they have the feel their own "personal" browser. It is like logging into a Chromebook.
Instructions below.

****Challenge -- Please post your favorite time saver you plan or have used.****

A small token of my appreciation will be given when you make a post on the link above.

By: Jessica Fincel

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  1. I just want to send a shout out to our Tech department. When j needed to convert a document all it took was a call/tech request to Jess and I saved about 2-3 hours of re-typing- which I greatly appreciated . I love some of these new tricks and can't wait to try them. Thanks for making us more efficient. DeeAnn