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Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Effective communication is vital for all relationships to be successful.  It is especially true with student, parent, administrator, and teacher relationships.

5 Tips to Be a More Effective Communicator in JMC

    1. Publish Grades Frequently

        2. Use Symbols in the Assignment Scores PageScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.09.11 AM.png
        3. Encourage parents to sign up for Missing Score and Grade -  Alert Configuration in Parent Portal. Please feel free to share the Parent Portal Resources (below).
          1. Tip - Use the following the symbols when assignment scores are missing to effectively use Missing Score - Alert Configuration.
            1. "M" - Missing and "MI" - Missing Included Score
            2. "HI" - Handed In Exempt Score is a great way to indicate assignments turned in but has not been graded. No alert will be sent to the parents. A good use of communication on the parent portal.
        4. Email Weekly Updates
        5. Add Student Notes

        3 Tips to Email More Effectively in JMC (Both Office and Gradebook Modules)

        1. Descriptive Subject
        2. Detailed Salutation
        3. Detailed Valediction

        Parent Portal Resources - Great Resources for Parent/Teacher Conferences

        Tech Reminders

        1. DAwG Week - Website
        2. NETA Coming  - Sign up with Administrator - Website and Blog Post
        3. Staff Directory Deadline - March 5th
          • Step 2: Complete this Form to put your name in the drawing.
          • Deadline: Tuesday, February 28th -- EXTENDED MARCH 5TH
          • On Monday, March 6th (new drawing date),  the technology department will be drawing three names from the staff members that completed the form in step 2.  The three winners will receive Casey's Gift Card!  
        By: Jessica Fincel

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