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Sunday, April 30, 2017


NETA is the "cream of the crops" when it comes to conferences. It is the biggest conference in this area (it is held at Century Link in Omaha--told you it is big). Also, we had one of the largest group of educators that attended this year. Most importantly, ACSD is the "cream of the crops" of school districts. We are using breaking edge technology in the classroom. We are using the trending and educational tools that are demonstrated at NETA. Here is a list of examples: Touch Screen Chromebooks, Osmos, Breakouts, Google Expeditions, and so much more. Great job educators!!!

Below is the list of educators that attended the NETA conference. Please feel free to pick their brains on any innovative ways to use technology in the classroom.

Ginger Bechtold, Katie Chamberlain, Janice Dickerson, Missy Goergen, Julia Gross, Sierra Johnson, Kelly Juhl, Alisa Kool, Stacey Mauk, Lori McConnell, Faith McCunn, James Northwick, Laurie Parrott, Macie Silliman, Ann Simpson, Stacie Sorensen, and Roger Warne.

NETA has nearly 250 session resources that you might want to check out. Click HERE to view the session hands outs.


Kelly - FlipGrid a video discussion community for your classroom that supercharges your students’ voices. You add the topics, your students respond with short videos, and everyone engages!

James - I really like the idea of using Google My Maps and Google Tour Builder for social studies or to help give students a real look at settings in books. There are a lot of was students could plan, journal, and discover places with these apps.

Faith - I was introduced to an awesome STEM website full of ideas to use that would tie in great with my math and science lessons. I also learned many new ways to use the Chromebooks. Even ideas for the new Chromebook touches we will be using for next year, like mapping trips and famous landmarks using a maps app.

Macie - TOO MANY THINGS TO PICK A FEW! I learned a new trick with the iPads where you can add "Guided Access" and lock students into certain apps. I have gathered a few ideas for research projects and creating stories and other things on some very easy tools for kids to use. I also have a list of MANY apps to download and try with students.

Katie - There are lots of things you can do to create student work on the Chromebooks. StoryBuilder turns writing into video. Issuu will turn Google Slides into a storybook format.

- I attended the "Creating Libraries of Tomorrow" Workshop. The presenter suggested having the each staff member do a 30 second "Book Blurb" about one of their favorite books from the library collection. Then show the Blurbs to get the kids interested in a book to read that isn't just suggested by Media Staff.

Ginger - Click HERE to view all her great resources.

Julia - We went to a session on how to create with Chromebooks. I can definitely see using some of these tools in my reading, writing, and social studies!

Stacie - Click HERE to view all her great resources.

Roger - Check out G Suite Training Extension - You might notice you have a new extension on your Chrome User.

By: Jessica Fincel

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