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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sumdog Challenge -- Wash, Schuler & AMS


ACSD Tech Team is piggybacking the idea from Green Hills Sumdog Challenge that begins January 23rd.  ACSD Sumdog Challenge starts tomorrow, January 13th.  

Need some fun ways to boost your students' math skills?  Check out the Google Doc below (per building)!!  
Are you up for the Sumdog Challenge?

What is Sumdog?
Sumdog is free educational games to motivate your students to practice math!!

Do you know???
Do you know your fellow co-worker Jessica Larsen uses this website?  
Do you know it is for ages K-8?
Do you know ALL the student accts are ready to go?
Do you know kids don't even realize they are doing math problems? 
Did you know that Tech Dept will be more than happy to help you, meet with you at team meetings or individually?
Do you know all you need to do to sign up for Sumdog is complete this FORM and read the document above?

Symbaloo Pages


By: Jessica Fincel

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