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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bag of Tricks.....

Recently, I have had the opportunity to learn many NEW things.  I have been challenged by many of you.  In doing so, I have come across many things that I have not played with for a while like “Google Templates” or new tools like “Youtube for Kids”.  So, now I want to share my “Bag of Tricks” with you.

Google Templates
You can use Google’s template gallery to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or forms. You can use it for just about anything so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  

YouTube App for Kids
Google has released a new YouTube app.  It is kid friendly and safe for young and creative minds.

Set up your Default Email Client in Chrome and Firefox
Question/Comment to the Tech Dept:  I wish when I clicked on an email on a webpage it WOULDN’T open my Entourage or Mail applications. Why won’t it open my gmail in my DEFAULT browser?  

Tech Dept Answer:  Follow the instructions below for both Chrome and Firefox!

Google Science Fair
From now through May 18, students around the world ages 13-18 can have their chance to change the world.
Google Science Fair

Google for Education
Want to know more about Google App Products and more Google Educational Resources?  
Get Trained for Free from Google... step by step instructions!!

What more free resources by Google?  Click below to find resources such as Google Search Education, Google Cultural Institution, CS and Stem, Google Maps and much more.

Last but not least or maybe it’s my favorite...

Don’t forget the updated 

CHECK IT OUT... Google Classroom, Math, Science/Stem, History, Blogging, Literacy, Writing, and Much Much More  

By: Jessica Fincel

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