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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day -- Lucky Tips

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

I am sticking with my Holiday themes this year as it reminds me to create and post to the tech blog.  My goal is to post once a month in the hopes all of you read it :)  So, here it is....

The following two websites demonstrate progress.  I received an email from an administrator and a teacher to make sure I tell teachers about them.  I think that is just AWESOME.  It goes back to one of my favorite sayings... “The best resource is each other” so THANK YOU to the people who brought these sites to my attention.

A great website to create a quiz, survey, and discussion. A game-based classroom response system.
Teacher Side:
Student Side:
Step 1 Create a Quiz Video

Khan, Khan, Khan
Do  I  really need to to say more... Khan is endless.

I  also had the privilege to witness 6 sections of math this month set up with Khan Academy.  Thank you Mr. Baier.  


Also, do you know Khan and Bank of America are trying to help students and adults be better with their money? This is a great tool to understanding Financial Literacy. It is free curriculum at your finger tips.

The next website should not be a new one to you, but we have a unique and great opportunity until March 31st.  SUMDOG is temporarily open for both Reading and Writing and advanced Reporting for all subjects until March 31st. Check it out.

Math (K)-8, Reading (Gr 1-5), and Writing (3-8)

Reminder:  All the students are set up and ready to go.

Friendly Apple Tip....
Having troubles with scrolling!!  
Tip 1: Two Finger Scrolling (Up and Down)
Tip 2: Change and Play with Track Pad Settings
Instructions: Go to Apple, System Preferences, and Trackpad
Tip 3: Turn your Scrolling on all the time
Instructions: Go to Apple, System Preferences, General and in the Show Scroll bars, Select--Always
Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.58.01 AM.png

By: Jessica Fincel

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